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At the Serenity Holistic Life spa  it is more than a Treatment it is an "Experience" an experience of all the senses, creating balance and harmony of the of Body, Mind and Soul.

Ionic Foot Bath
   Restorative Skin Care
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Treatments for the Mind, Body, & Soul
Our signature products contains organic herbal recipes used once by royalty in east Asia. It cleansing, detoxing, and anti-aging properties restore and  balance skin to feel and look radiant. Each treatment is as unique as the individual, working with the skin unique ability to heal and maintain it elasticity.

Far Infrared Sauna (for skin therapy and cleansing)- the use of the far infrared sauna is used to help treat skin conditions. Far Infrared penetrates deep into the skin drawing out pollutes, bacteria, and toxins leaving your skin with a radiant glow. single session $25 4 sessions $65 abd 8 sessions $90

Jade Slimming & Detoxify Bath-This treatment is the ultimate ancient healing experience with the combination of soothing water and therapeutic herbs will allow you to sink into deep relaxation. Your treatment begins with an herbal formula tea followed by  effectively increases chi, rebalances internal organ systems, removes toxins, increases metabolism, nourishes skin and removes excess fat. Our Jade & Ginseng Slimming Acupressure Treatment activates specific acupressure points in order to remove stagnant energy, will promoting detoxification and an  increase in blood flow to internal organ systems. $45

Slimming/Cellulite Treatment-Our powerful treatment begins with the internal Slimming Formula followed by the Jade & Ginseng Slimming Soak to prepare you for the ultimate ancient healing experience. Our Jade & Burdock Detoxifying Wrap is combined with our Jade & Ginseng Slimming Herbal Warming Pillow Treatments and Jade Detoxifying Acupoint Treatment Gel, which effectively increases chi, rebalances internal organ systems, removes toxins, increases metabolism, nourishes skin and removes excess fat. Our Jade & Ginseng Slimming Acupressure Treatment Protocol activates specific acupressure points in order to remove stagnant energy, promote detoxification and increase blood flow to internal organ systems. Finally, our exclusive Jade & Ginseng Body Sculpting Cellulite Serum is massaged into problem areas utilizing the time-tested gua sha technique to refine and reshape the body. Achieve ultimate perfection in under 2 hours $149

Tranquility Body Wrap Spa package -2 hour Treatment) Treatment begins with 30 minutes Far Infrared Sauna and a cup of meditation tea. The treatment proceeds with an herbal blend that is brushed on and massaged into the skin. Your body will be wrapped in a warm blanket to allow your skin to absorb rich properties of ancient herbs. Relax for 20-30 minutes to allow penetration of herbs to detoxify and nourish skin. Then you will be misted with Chi Herbal Infusion Muscle and Joint spray to relieve soreness of muscles and joints. Your journey to tranquility continues with a full body massage with a unique blend of oils and herbs to promote muscle relaxation and skin rejuvenation. Your treatment will conclude with a Chi Herbal Infusion Skin Rejuvenation formula to further rid out toxins. You will feel extremely relaxed, radiant, and younger. $149

Chi Machine
Far Infrared Sauna
Royal Hand & Foot Treatment
Ionic Foot Bath- Soak in warm salt water, charged with millions of ions to recharge your body and begin to neutralize the aging process by expelling toxins from your body. It is a relaxing treatment that creates a stimulating and relaxing experience while drawing harmful toxins from the body.
1 session $35 4 Session $80
Aromatherapy Foot Soak & Massage-soak tired feet in warm water with essentials oils to promote relaxation and balance. The treatment ends with a foot massage to pamper and nourish. 30 minute treatment, $25
Jade & Ginseng Royal Hand & Foot Treatment. Hydrate, repair, rebalance dry, and aging hands & feet with powerful properties of Chi Herbal Formulas exclusive East Asian proprietary herbal formulas using the incredible powers of jade powder.   Treatment includes an herbal exfoliation using Jade & Ginseng Hand & foot Scrub is then followed by the application of our exclusive Jade & Ginseng Massage Cream, which is massaged into hands and feet using the original Jade Roller.  $65 1 hour treatment
Chi is the vital life force and natural energy of all living. Lack of oxygen effect chi or prana, causing  illness, imbalance, fatigue and poor circulation . Lack of chi is a major cause of disease. The chi machine helps move the body in the figure eight, loosening the spine, alleviating joint pressure and muscle pain. The chi machine opens blockages, releasing toxins, massage vital organs, and stimulating the lymphatic system. Benefits: enhances cellular activation, reduces fatigue, improves blood production, promotes circulation, relieve muscles aches, increases spinal balancing, firms and tones the thighs, hips, buttocks, massage internal organs, improves immune system, refreshes skin, and alleviates many stress-related conditions.Single $20  4 sessions $60 and  8 sessions $85

Schedule your appointment today and start feeling the amazing difference far infrared sauna
can make in your life. Sessions are private, so you are the only one in the sauna. It fits up to 4 people so you can do sessions with a friend or partner as well. Infrared heat is unique as it penetrates deep within the body to draw out toxins and and sessions last 30 minutes.  Infrared sauna is available before or after yoga classes. call 805-434-1924 or email us to schedule an appointment
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Spa Packages
Serenity Spa Packages
MiniDetox & Unwind package- includes 30 minutes of Far Infrared Sauna, 20 minutes of Chi Machine, and an 20 minutes for an ionic foot bath treatment. $75

Express De-stress Package- includes 30 minutes in the far infrared sauna, 30 minutes on the chi machine, and 1 hour massage. Fruit and tea included.
$130 2 hour

Day Retreat Packages-Check out the Detox Day Away & Yoga & Spa Day Away Details here
Serenity Spa Yoga Package-enjoy our signature spa yoga, a unique and relaxing blend of therapeutic postures and spa treatments such as a foot soak, chi machine and more. 90 minutes, plus 30 minutes in the far infrared sauna, and a one hour massage $175 if you want a Royal Jade facial it is $195 (3 hr. package total)

Heart & Sole Spa Package-30 minutes in the far infrared sauna to melt the tension away, followed by sinking into deep relaxation with a one hour massage to pamper the entire body. Detoxify, exfoliate, treat and moisturize your skin with a chi herbal facial. Soak your hands and feet into an herbal formula, exfoliate with Jade & Ginseng Scrub, followed by the application of our exclusive Jade & Ginseng Massage Cream, which is massaged into hands and feet. Feel amazing from head to toe. Fruit and tea included. $239 (2 1/2 hr treatment)

Create Your Own Retreat Package- click here for details about our exciting al la carte menu of services that allows you to design your own package.

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Guided Meditation to add text.
Meditation-Sink into a deep relaxed state through guided meditation to soothe the body and calm the mind. This treatment includes use of the chi machine to prepare the body to relax. A herb eye pillow is placed over your eyes to melt tension around the eyes and forehead. Essential oils is placed in the diffuser to invite relaxation while you are guided through techniques such imagery, visualization, and progressive release techniques.  Session includes life coaching to personal the guided meditation session for your specific needs. 1 session is 90 minutes.

Cleanse-Learn the some of the ancient techniques for cleansing through the use of kriyas. You will learn and practice of using a netti pot, tongue cleaning, pranayama, yoga exercises. This cleanse includes use of Infrared sauna therapy. $85
Detox Body Treatments                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Therapeutic Massage- with our highly qualified therapist. Experience the healing that comes from within through a personalized consultation to evaluate your specific needs. A therapeutic massage will be tailored to focus on certain key points in the body to aid the healing process. This massage is for detoxification, lymphatic drainage, recovery, stress, migraines, muscles aches, injuries, and much more. Hot towels, essential oils, hot rocks, and personalized focus massage techniques will be used to encourage the body towards optimal health.

(60 minutes) $85
Ultimate Serenity Massage-Your treatment starts with a cup of Meditation Formula to quiet the mind and relax the body.Your body’s energy meridians are opened and prepared to receive a full body massage using Chi Herbal Formulas’ Massage Lotion, a special blend of luscious oils and rich herbs that soften the skin and relax tired, sore muscles.Your journey towards tranquility concludes with Chi Herbal Formulas’ Skin Rejuvenation Formula to balance the internal organ systems and rid your body of toxins and impurities.

90 minute treatment $95
Body Wraps add text.
Swedish Massage- Pamper yourself from head to toe with a traditional relaxation massage. All massage include an all natural herbal solution that work on a cellular level, working with your body's own natural abilities to rejuvenate.


Serenity Signature Facials
Jade & Ginseng Healing Facial -(The Perfect Post-Op Treatment) This exclusive treatment utilizes the healing powers of the precious jade stone, which has been used throughout centuries to heal, strengthen, and uncover skin’s radiance, youth and tone. This unique facial treatment features all natural Skin Care products infused with the powerful healing properties of jade powder to gently detoxify, exfoliate, treat and moisturize the skin. $85
(50 minutes)
Vitality Anti-Aging Facial- This treatment starts by detoxifying your system internally with a cup of Skin Rejuvenation Formula. Next, a gentle, silky formula of Chi Herbal Formulas Cleansing Cream is used to cleanse your face and remove any eye and facial makeup. The Chi Herbal Formulas Exfoliating Scrub is then applied onto the face to slough away dead skin cells and purify the skin. You are then treated to a relaxing facial massage using Chi Herbal Formulas Massage Lotion.deep cleansing facial focus on detoxifying, firming, & purifying skins cells $95
Royal Jadeite Facial-Experience the healing powers of Jade that contains natural far infrared.  This unique facial treatment features all natural skincare products infused with the powerful healing properties of jade powder to detoxify, exfoliate, treat and moisturize the skin. A traditional East Asian tool known as “Gua Sha” is used to increase circulation and detoxify dermal cells. This technique predates many forms of Eastern Medicine. To regenerate the complexion, soothe, smooth and tighten the skin an authentic jade roller is used on the face and neck.$115
Detox hand & foot Treatments

1 Session                               $30

4 Session Sauna Pass            $65

8 Session Sauna Pass            $95
Ionic Foot Bath
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Experience a relaxing and beautiful atmosphere...all spa packages include slipping on spa slippers and a plush robe while sitting by the fireplace to enjoy tea, water, and fruit. It is more than a treatment, it is an experience. Enjoy pure serenity by reserving a spa package today
Serenity life spa specializes in holistic services to help you integrate health & well-being into daily living
Each treatment is as unique as you are
Experience the cutting edge technology of Far Infrared Saunas and its countless benefits, right here in the north county. 
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