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Are you exhausted, burnt Out ....

and thirsty for something more in your life?  Do you feel overwhelmed, little energy, spiraling into negative patterns, stuck in old ways, and unhappy. It doesn't have to be that way. Check this out...

Immerge yourself

in a lifestyle program learning the ancient wisdom of yoga and soak up life while enjoying delicious food, quench your thirst inner purpose, and JOY. EXPERIENCE YOGA, SPA, MEDITATION, AND TONS OF INSPIRATION.

Take Time out to Celebrate Life and Unlock your potential

You can create your own retreat with our al la carte menu of services or do an all inclusive package such as BeFit yoga Boot camp, Spa escape,  wellness package, or romantic getaway.  All retreats and packages are personalized to meet your needs

Personalized Focus

We specialize in personalized retreats to meet your specific needs and focus. So for example whether the focus is on stress relief or weight-management, empowering transformational techniques will be given to overcome blockages and reach greater joy. So when participating in a retreat you will have inspirational workshops, learn the ancient wisdom of yoga and holistic modalities, plus participate in life coaching that is according to your focus and needs. Retreats include developing a more joyful and balanced life by doing yoga, relaxing with spa treatments, understanding your nutritional needs, and holistic care that deepen awareness of the "self"

Get Inspired

Experience inspirational workshops, spa treatments, holistic consultations, nutritious foods, and time for relaxation. You will work with our holistic practitioner, yoga teachers to guide you through your personal goals. You will be given a holistic lifestyle consultation and Ayurveda principles to give you a wealth of knowledge about your specific health needs for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. While you stay at the natural living suite you will prep and prepare healthy meals, participate in food demos, and or cooking classes.

Learn Vital Techniques

We believe in the basic fundamentals for living a nourishing life all begin with what you eat, how you sleep, what you think, and exercise play a huge factors in determining the way you feel.  You will learn ancient kriyas for cleansing, yoga postures, breathing, and meditation, which are all life long tools to allow you to get to the root of what it is that you stand in need of, how to overcome blockage, and go the direction you want to go. The techniques you learn here at Serenity are healing and transformational because it get to the core of your being and sparks who you are and what you want out of life.

Central Coast's Retreat Center

Incorporated into each retreat package are the five points of yoga: exercise, breathing, nutrition, meditation/relaxation and exercise. Most retreat packages also include the Serenity Spa Yoga, the signature yoga program of the center. However, each retreat is as unique as the individual experiencing it, so the center offers a number of private retreat options. Retreat packages may include, but are not limited to, wellness, recovery, weight loss, healthy eating and cooking, life change, grief recovery, stress management and non-toxic living. Retreats are available for individuals, couples, groups, corporations, hospitals, colleges and other organizations.

According to Dr. Dan Rose, a Paso Robles physician, "The services provided at the Serenity Retreat Center have been proven to reduce stress, lower cholesterol, improve body image and increase feelings of self-esteem. I encourage everyone to experience a program that addresses mind, body and spiritual health."