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A Total Mind & Body Makeover for inner and outer transformation
About Your BeFit Yoga Instructor
I enjoy life and all it has to offer. Being a yoga instructor, spending time outdoors, time with family and being with friends are a few of my favorite things. My biggest passion and pursuit is to live life to the fullest.......

It is all about living the life and dreams we have the potential to live. I love teaching and sharing my passion for yoga. Yoga has greatly impacted my life and I love seeing the transformation it makes in the lives of my students.

The first yoga class I took yoga over 10 years ago in college transformed my life and has been doing so ever since. I could not believe how it made me feel, at the end of each class I felt like I was floating out of the room, I felt lighter, free, more energy and a sense of purpose.

Teaching yoga since 2003 has been an amazing journey, always learning, and finding expansion within myself. The energy that students brings to my life is such a gift. The wisdom of yoga is such a wealth of knowledge and has inspired my own life deeply.

I look forward to having you apart of the Befit Yoga Boot camp.....a lifestyle program that is transformational and inspires growth.

I look forward to meeting you.  Check out my blog here
Private 3 day Boot Camp Intensive Retreat
Schedule your private intensive by appointment. Receive personalized instruction with a customized program according to your needs and goals. Intensive with overnight stay must be booked in advance as the rooms get get filled quickly.
Private 3 day intensive -
with a private personalized program focused on your specific needs. while you stay here all your meals are provided, and private suite. Scheduled by appointment.

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If you are local and want to do the retreat program without overnight stay, request pricing.
Register Today....
Take action register today. You can sign up and begin the program at your earliest convenience.

                 Call      805-434-1924      or
Boot Camp Schedule
5:50-8:15 pm
2nd Saturday    BeFit                            8:15-9:30 am
of the month    Workshop                                                         

YOGA SCHEDULE- As a boot camp participant you can take unlimited yoga classes, so look at the yoga schedule to see all the classes you can take along with the Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday classes.
30 day Membership:                            Rate:
  •     30 days of unlimited yoga               $200
  •    BeFit Boot Camp workshops
  •    Nutrition Plan
  •    Cardio Workshops
  •    Detox Techniques

Add on... A personalizaled weightloss &            $75
or Health Nutrition Plan with our holistic        value of $115
pracitioner, Stephanie Austin... discount for
boot camp members only.                 
90 Day Membership:                      $350
Get Results & Save BIG              
Mind & Body Fitness
Far Infrared Therapy
Inspiring Workshops
805-239-9591 or 805-434-1924     
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              805-434-1924 or 805-239-9591                                                       104 Main St. Templeton Ca
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Nutrition  Plan & Recipes
Look & feel Good
Have More Energy
Release Stress
Lose Weight
Feel fully alive, have tons of energy.........

to accomplish not just the "have to do" in life. Instead begin to contribute to your own personal happiness and start your journey to living life to your fullest potential, where you feel free, energetic, and liberated. The BeFit Boot camp is plan of action, giving you the tools and techniques to reach your optimal well-being, by being physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually fit.

It is never to late ...

to start getting into shape and feel the dramatic difference it can make in your life. Empower your life by getting fit with vigorous exercise, clear out limiting belief's, a negative mind set, and instead get inspired, love food, and experience joy and passion for life.
BeFit Yoga Boot Camp

A Lifestyle plan....with the full ball of wax

  •    Boot camp Yoga Fitness
  •    Cardio workouts
  •    BeFit Workshops to inspire growth
  •    Nutrition plan
  •    Infrared Sauna
  •    BeFit Packet with handouts
  •    Supportive emails throughout the program
This Program is an all inclusive package...

and a rare find for all that it includes. This program includes tons and it is offered to you at a fraction of the cost., with exceptional quality, attention, and personalized focus.

Unlimited Yoga is worth, $99 (value) plus Bonus semi private instruction, $75, Workshops, (value $75), 8 sessions of Infrared Sauna, ($90 value),  Nutrition plan is a $75 value so the total worth of the program is $414 but you will not be charge anywhere near that.  We are only charging you $169 for 30 days and $350 for 90 day membership

This is a total fitness makeover as it includes a holistic approach to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. It is a mind and body fitness program that not only sculpts your body, increases flexibility, tones and defines muscles, it also brings expansion within yourself to find your inner wisdom, passion, and potential.

Yoga boot camp is an intensive program so be ready to challenge yourself, reach new heights, and feel more energy. Whether you want to shed weight, have more energy, alleviate stress, or just be more healthy, BeFit yoga Boot camp provides you with the essential techniques.
Are you ready to see and feel the ancient science of yoga making a dramatic difference in your life?
Five Essentials for success

Learn the five points of yoga: time tested techniques that lead to transformation. Most people know that yoga is exercise, but what they often don't know is that it has five key components to optimal health

   * Proper Exercise
   * Proper Breathing
   * Proper Relaxation
   * Proper Nutrition
   * Meditation/Positive thinking

The five points are essential ingredients to reaching your potential, whether it is the weight you want to loose, or the lifestyle you want, it is about transformation based around holistic well-being. Most of our health related issue or based around stress, so learn here how to de-stress . Techniques have long lasting effects, and not just a quick fix.

You will learn

  • The ancient science of yoga, a cleansing practice that works internally.  Feel radiant with more freedom, range of movement, clarity of mind, a burst of energy, ...
  • Gain Skills, train your body to be in the best condition, having greater discipline while challenging yourself to new heights.
  • Learn simple and easy tips & techniques to jump start a lifestyle where you are the artist painting your masterpiece by choosing to create and live with purpose.
  • Weight loss, stress, insomnia, fatigue, anxiety..... can be relieved by understanding the ancient principles of exercise, diet, and stress relief.
  • Overcome blockages and pitfalls that may be setting you back.

This program is for you if you want to live a life without what if's and excuses for why your life, weight, and energy isn't the way it use to be. Create your reality, step into yoga boot camp fitness for a life time of joy and well-being.
                                            all levels Yoga
9:30-10:45 am    
Thursday      7:20-8:00 pm                    Power & core Yoga              
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"Jena, your class has been a very moving experience as well….wow did I not know what Yoga would do for me, it really is turning my life in a positive direction and to you I am grateful!  You have been so patient, kind and fun, I really get up every day and crave the exercise and mind experience that it gives me.  So you my friend have a gift and I wish you all the success in your ventures with more and more Yogi’s"… J.S.
                  Boot Camp &  Dynamic  Flow  Yoga
& Infrared sauna
     Boot Camp, Dynamic  Yoga, 
and Infrared Sauna   
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Friday            7:45-9:00 am                      Yoga Flow