Anti- Aging Program
  Lifestyle Plan    Nutrition   Infrared Sauna   Exercise
Use the ancient wisdom and cutting edge benefits of Yoga & Holistic Health for lasting results....
Program Includes:

Exercise: unlimited yoga Membership- Take as many classes as you can . Yoga postures perfectly aid the body to detoxification by stretching the muscles long-ways, purifying the organs & cells, and helping to cleanse the body from the inside out through body, breath, and mind therapies.  Unlimited Yoga Memebership is a $99 value. Check out all the classes you can take by clicking on the schedule 

Nutrition & 5 pt's: The 5pt's. of yoga are, Proper exercise, breathing, nutrition, relaxation, and meditation/positive thinking. Yoga offer a one stop shop for well-being through theses insightful and comprehensive 5 pt. system that's got you covered on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. Nutrition is one of the greatest ways to cleanse the body. Learn whole food nutrition.

Detox Therapies:along with far infrared sessions, you will learn little known anti -aging spa secrets for cleansing and purifying the skin, aiding lymphatic drainage, repair cells, and improve circulation.  Learn spa techniques to get rid of cellulite and enhance the skins ability to be radiant. Cleanse from the inside out with body and mind techniques to leave you feeling good from the inside out. 8 seesions Far Infrared is a $90 value

Lifestyle Plan: You will learn, grow, and experiences way to help your body and mind in feeling radiant from the  inside out. recipes, techniques, exercises, and five points of yoga will all be covered in this program. A workshop is given to walk you through the program.  (workshop are held the second Sunday of each month) $75 Value
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  This is where it gets good, the SerenityDetox program is worth $264 dollars but we are only going to charge you..............

  30 day Program - $175 (limited Time Offer)

  90 day program- $159 a month with automatic payment.  (limited Time Offer)

  You will also recieve 15 % off detox products

Are You...Tired all the time, Stress out, Over weight, Constantly Sick or Not Feeling like yourself???

Experience the ancient & cutting edge secrets for Anti-Aging, detoxification, and well-being:

Reduce Cellulite, lose weight, energize your body, boost your immune system, have radiant skin, and greater clarity by detoxing from the inside out. This detox program uses the cutting edge technology of Far infrared sauna therapy, exercise, nutrition, plus you will understand the ancient science and wisdom of mind and body detoxification for lasting results. You will learn detox and cleansing practices and spa treatments you can do at home on a daily bases. Drink a cup of vibrant health and well-being by participating in the detox program...it starts when you are ready to begin, cheers to feeling good! 
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