Private Yoga Instruction
Private Yoga Instruction is for .....
                                                                 Personalized Attention & Focus
Injuries, Chronic pain, Disease, and Recovery
Athletes & Dancers Fitness Training
Prenatal/ Postnatal Focus
Stress, Depression, and Anxiety, Grief
Personal Growth, Enhance Mood, Increase Energy
Kids/Teen Focus

Private Yoga is designed to meet your specific needs. The ancient practice of yoga understands the health of the whole person and includes techniques for physical, mental, emotional,  & spiritual well being. You will learn the five points of yoga: Proper Exercise, Breathing, Diet, Relaxation, and Meditation/ Positive Thinking. Private yoga is for anyone who needs a personal trainer for a specific focus and for personalized attention. Please call in advance to schedule your sessions. Private yoga is taught at the Center or at a mobile location.

Because yoga is a mind and body fitness you will see lasting results that are far reaching.

Call Today so we can personalize your private yoga instruction. 805-434-1924 or email at
1 Session           90 Minutes       $75 per session       Mobile Yoga $85

4 Sessions         70 Minutes        $60 per session      use in 60 days

8 Sessions         70 minutes        $45 per session      use in 90 days   
About Your Private Yoga Instructors

Dian Packer

Jena Baird
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104 Main St. Templeton Ca 93465        805-434-1924   and      805-239-9591